Adventchildvii's Final Fantasy X-2 Tv Review

Rated: 5

This Final Fantasy was the 2nd worst Ive ever played, If i didn't have a personal grudge and bias against FFIX this would proabably be the absolute worst. First off, its terribly short, the new game plus was just an easy way to extend the game while working less, and I had though Square-Enix to be above using New game plus for that until now. There are only three playable characters, and although there's no problem in battle variety with dresspheres, only three characters really doesn't help with story, especially since they weren't exactly what I would call well developed. Due to all the playable characters being female and with skimpy outfits, this game has a Charlie's Angels feel to it, which i feel does not belong The story gaps don't exactly help this game's cause either.

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Adventchildvii's Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Tv Review

Rated: 7

Make no Mistake, this Anime is NOT original. The story is very similar to other anime seriers, including other Gundam series. Part of what i Do like about this Anime is that it is not oh so overly focused on the action. This anime also includes considerable focus into the mindsets and emotions of the characters, making for a good bit of Drama(humor is very limited in this series, its not a comedy). Unfortunately though, the characters are not that original either, with the exception of Flay, all other characters including the main character Kira fit into a certain anime or other story archetype, so despite good focus on them, there is little originality. I also personally disliked the ending to this anime, it seemed very abrupt and left some things unresolved it seemed for me.

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